Who We Are

We Are:

Event architects

We Believe:

Events begin on spreadsheets and end with life impact

We Offer:

Straightforward event management solutions with a hospitable attitude

We Value:

Innovative experiences designed to engage participants

We Serve:

Conference directors, workshop teachers, and anyone looking to create an engaging experience

Collective Difference is a team of event architects who are passionate about helping create innovative experiences designed to engage participants.

If you are thinking about partnering with us, you’re probably an individual or small organization who cares about doing work that matters. You want your event to leave an impact on who people are, not just what they do. You want to craft an experience that helps create community among your audience and facilities connection.

If that sounds like you, think of us as the general contractor on this grand project. We’ll help assemble an outstanding team, and also get our hands dirty.

Need to find a venue? We can help with that. Need to figure out how many tables and chairs and garbage cans you need? We can help with that too. And what about hotels? Catering? Booking speaker’s travel? Yes, we can help!

Not only can we do the operations work ourselves, but if you need something outside of our wheelhouse we have a network of experts we can bring in and we will facilitate that part of the project.

The result is an innovative user experience that impacts attendee’s lives.

Meet the Team

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